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A genius owl who teaches technology skills

What is TutorGrams?

TutorGrams is simply a tutoring service for computer programs and programming languages. We're here if there’s a program or programming language that you'd like help with.

Our tutoring lessons are done online with screen sharing

How do tutoring lessons work?

A lesson can be conducted however you like. Our tutors are flexible and if you just want to fire off questions at them for the whole time: feel free! However, a typical session will involve a tutor talking to you on Skype or another messaging service and walking you through different features as you use the program.

We guarantee that you'll be happy with your tutoring.

What happens if I’m unhappy?

We will gladly refund you if you’re unhappy for any reason. That’s pretty nice of us .

Our tutors are very smart and have big heads because of their big brains

Who are the tutors?

Our tutors are experts in their respective field and have been thoroughly screened to make sure they would make good tutors.

All lessons are created equal at TutorGrams

Do different tutors have different prices?

No! A one hour lesson is $64 for every tutor and subject.

A flexible clock to represent our flexible lesson times!

When can I get help?

Right now! You can book a lesson for any time that is convenient for you, including in the next hour.

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