TutorGrams Courses

TutorGrams Courses are an alternative to our typical hourly tutoring sessions. They allow you to quickly develop a complete skill set from scratch by following a tried and tested course outline. You will be working with a tutor one on one as they explain concepts to you, demonstrate functions and answer your questions. Think of it as a privately guided tour of what a program has to offer you. You will also be given small assignments and quizzes throughout and then a final exam at the end to put what you've learned to the test!

Learn Quickly

Save time by learning one on one with an expert from the comfort of your own home or office. You and you alone set the pace for the lesson! Our teachers are not there to run through the required information or attend to many students, they are there to make sure that YOU understand everything completely. This means they can spend as much or as little time as necessary to make sure that everything is clicking perfectly before moving on.

Learn Effectively

Studies show that learning from an instructor directly leads to a deeper and longer lasting understanding of the material. This makes sense intuitively because lessons revolve around YOU. You only spend time learning what's important to you and you can receive multiple explanations until everything makes sense. 12

Learn Conveniently

Flexible times allow you to decide exactly when you want to learn. You don't need to worry about fitting classes into your busy schedule; we will work around your schedule so that our course times are convenient for you!

TutorGrams Courses range in duration and price but we will gladly refund you if you're unhappy for any reason at all.