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Our most popular lesson format is sharing your screen with a tutor so they can see exactly what you're doing in and can guide you with step by step instructions. However, you can choose any lesson format you like.

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Jim, a happy student who received  tutoring
Getting private one on one help saved me time which in turn saved me money. I'd definitely recommend TutorGrams for anyone who is serious about using a certain program.
Michael, a happy student who booked a private  tutor
I was searching for hours trying to find something which took about 5 minutes for my tutor to explain.
Louise, she wanted one on one  lessons
I'm not very technical but the lesson went at my pace so I was able to slow it down whenever I wanted and make sure everything was sinking in.

About TutorGrams

TutorGrams is simply an easy way to get one on one help for software programs or programming languages. You tell us what you're trying to learn and we will work hard to set you up with the perfect tutor. Please feel free to contact us at or at 1 (206) 701-6163 if you have any questions whatsoever.